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What people are saying

"Very handy when it comes to enabling remote communication in my workplace, and having everyone on the same platform was very helpful because we would get on the same page very quick hence productivity was achieved because of deskmy"
Ronstadt N.
"I can dynamically communicate with the entire company and all departments."
Arley M.
"There is a vision of being present in the company, with co-workers and having a quick contact if necessary."
Luis B.
"deskmy supported us to be far away but at the same time close."
Victor H.
"It helped us in terms of reducing expenses such as office maintenance, and especially facilitating the hiring of new employees."
Marcelo F.
"deskmy was a great lever for the maintenance of our home office because we could not find a solution that would bring the team's visual management and also facilitate communication. deskMy helps us not to lose synergy between teams."
Ruben Z.
deskmy is a great tool for working remotely. The tool is easy to use and the interface is really nice. I also like that there are a variety of different tools that are available to use with."
Luis M.

No. The charge is per user monthly, so there is no limit of audio and video usage. The free access does not require credit card information.

Less than a minute, for real. Sign up, invite your coworkers and feel like a team again.

Deskmy is designed to improve your well-being. You can control your status, turn on/off your mic, audio, or camera. Even if you need focus, just lock the door and get some privacy. 

Feel free to add any kind of shortcut to make your routine easier and more productive. After all, it’s your desk.

You can access through your computer. Deskmy is compatible with Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera browsers.


Platform for the new way of work.