Employee Experience is a journey created for the employees. It makes them feel they’re actively belonging to the company’s decisons, being aware of the organization’s culture and plans.

This is a theme that gains more and more visibility in the corporate world, as several surveys and studies show the various benefits that employee appreciation provides for the organizational climate, results and to the end customer.

The employee’s journey encourages the search for new knowledge, techniques and methodologies. Engages professionals and allows the integration between teams to happen in a more fluid way.

Promoting the Employee Experience, when designed and executed in an assertive and consistent way, has great impacts on the business and motivation of the employees. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this storie. Keep following!


The employee experience focous on structuring strategies and actions promoted by companies with the goal of creating a more positive, empathetic and resilient environment, which supports professional growth and development.

Through these practices, pleasant and positive experiences are created for everyone at the company, promoting learning, relaxation and, above all, professional development.

Employees feel increasingly valued and understand that they’re seen and valued by the company, which in return receives more qualified, motivated workers and that are engaged with their deliveries and results.

The idea is that the employee can find a quality life aligned with his or her professional area. Therefore, the company’s values must be aligned with what the person is looking for and be clear from the beginning.

Thus, performance and commitment become increasingly shown, resulting in the organization’s success, a improved delivery to the final public and raised satisfaction.

As main points of the employee experience we can mention:

  • Open and transparent communication;
  • Incentivative actions and bonuses;
  • Valuing the deliveries that were made;
  • Well-structured career plan;
  • Motivating leaders;
  • Pleasant corporate environment.

Benefits provided by a good employee experience

In addition to all the benefits described above, there are several other for a company that executes the employee’s experience, especially, the strategic factor and the results obtained with the most engaged professionals. Find it out:

Higher brand appreciation

By promoting actions and improving the relationship with its public, the company is consequently making its brand well-seen in the market, which helps hiring good professionals, as employees become brand promoters.

This makes the public also find more positive things in the company, generating greater interest in getting to know it and purchasing its products or services.

Improved productivity

With teams engaged and pursuiting the same goals, it is noticeable a performance and productivity increase, both individually and as a team. The delivery to the public becomes increasingly effective and assertive, bringing a better return and higher quality of service.

And this improvement in productivity becomes natural when the employee’s experience is positive, with a good organizational climate and clear roles to be performed.

Improved team engagement

When noticing that the company is committed to the growth of professionals and recognizes internal talents and encourages their development, the employee feels more engaged and is committed to the tasks he performs daily.

A very important element to generate employee engagement is providing a experience that generate a sense of belonging, that they feel part of the achievements obtained and, therefore, feel motivated to seek better results.

Making the employee experience even better

Because we are living in the age of experience and the market is focused on initiatives that range from the employee to the end customer, many companies are looking for ways to include actions that value both professionals and the customers.

When we talk about the employee’s experience, for a company to get the strategies right and achieve the desired results, it is necessary to look inside and identify the points that must be improved, as well, the needs of the employees.

There are some that can kick-start those who wish to join this or that want a improvement to the actions that have already been implemented. Check it out:

Listen to the employees

This is one of the essential and most important topics, because as we have already mentioned, they are the ones that give the right direction for the improvements to happen.

Therefore, listening to opinions, suggestions and letting them be part of the change process is essential for the experience to be even better and positive for both sides.

Provide the right tools

One of the main complaints from employees is the lack of infrastructure and organization of the company processes, so this is a point that requires a double-check and significant changes.

Having platforms and software that help the execution of tasks is essential for teams to have a more organized routine, visualize deadlines and perform a good delivery to the final consumer.

With the digitalization of companies, it is interesting to think of tools that automate certain functions and optimize the time of employees, so that they can focus on tasks that really demand more time and concentration.

Collect feedback

For companies that want to improve the employee experience, researches and feedback are crucial to understand the routine of the employeees and how the processes and procedures are being performed. This way, companies can collect valuable information through opinions.

It also helps the company to provide the necessary feedback on the performance of each employee, making improvements and understanding the results obtained by each one. It is a way to bring the employee even closer.

Everything mentioned in this article show the importance of providing a good employee experience and how it generates return for the company, a good reputation and employees who are brand promoters.

These are internal “investments” that generate great external returns, such as attracting new customers, raising public satisfaction, increased promotion rates and revenue.

If you aren’t used to employee experience yet, you must start implementing it at your company or team as soon as possible!

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