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The Four Health Enemies of Remote Work

Well-being in remote work is a theme that deserves special attention precisely because we see more and more companies and people adhering to remote work.

When we make such a drastic change, the processes and culture from one model to another are totally different and if they are not adapted, they can cause some of the consequences that we will see below.

The main issues of well-being in remote work

Obviously, there are countless situations and countless different cases when it comes to remote work, however, there are those that stand out and that we can see happening over and over and over again. Let’s see 4 of the biggest issues that people face in remote work.


Burnout means “exhaustion”. Surely you’ve heard about it out there. This phenomenon occurs when a person gets exhausted at work. When the employee finds himself full of tasks and obligations that he cannot fulfill. Burnout usually happens when a person feels they need to do a lot but have no time or no capacity. In remote, burnout rates are even higher, due to the lack of a strong and efficient culture.

Physical Pain

Physical pain is also among the most common problems of working from home or from anywhere. One of the great difficulties for those who do not work in an office is finding an ergonomic workspace that meets the needs of someone who will spend 4, 6, or more than 8 hours a day sitting in the same place.


Some say it’s good to be alone once in a while, and that certainly applies to most people, no one is surrounded by people all the time. Learning to get used to loneliness sometimes, is a task that everyone must learn to master. But dealing with this every day is a little more tough. Not seeing teammates, talking a few times a day, and almost not leaving the house can cause sadness and demotivation feelings.


Overworking has also happened a lot among adherents of remote work. Remote work provides a level of freedom that few were used to, due to this, many people found themselves increasing their workload because they were getting lost in the routine — or the lack of it. In addition to it, working overtime is also a thing that affects a worker’s personal life, shortening its time for family, hobbies, and personal life in general.

How to overcome these problems?

Luckily, over time everyone was able to adapt better and understand how to best work in the remote model, with a strong and healthy culture. Still, there are some people who are just starting out or who are still struggling with some of these problems. So, here are some solutions

Having a routine

Building a routine is essential so that the day’s tasks are delivered within the established deadline. Once a routine has been established, following it will prevent overworking. Working with established schedules, goals and deadlines helps to keep focus and motivation for what really needs to be done. So even with all the freedom of the remote model, things are done with discipline and give a sense of progress.

Having a proper setup

One of the biggest problems at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was the “remotization” of companies. In a few weeks, almost everyone was forced to work from their homes, however, few people had a work-from-home setup in their houses.

Investing in a good desk, chair, mouse, keyboard, and whatever else helps to build a high-quality home office is essential. Good equipment will ensure good productivity and good performance during the day, in addition to saving you from going to the physical therapist or taking medicine for muscle pain.

Using the right tools and apps

The tools and platforms used also play an extremely important role in the quality of remote work, both in terms of well-being and productivity. That’s why it’s so important to choose them carefully, in order to carry out healthy and pleasant work.

The best tool for hybrid and remote teams definitely is deskmy. At deskmy it is possible to recreate the office environment and add to the equation of remote work things like spontaneous interactions, boundaries between the personal and professional halves of the day, better communication, and more.

In short, if you want a complete platform for a quality remote job, increased productivity, and improved well-being, you must try deskmy.

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