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A place to connects with people and grow remotely

Join the deeply experience of networking with other digital nomads, UX designers, Software developers, Product Managers and more.

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"Very handy when it comes to enabling remote communication in my workplace, and having everyone on the same platform was very helpful because we would get on the same page very quick hence productivity was achieved because of Deskmy"
Ronstadt N.
“Deskmy is a great tool for working remotely. The tool is easy to use and the interface is really nice. I also like that there are a variety of different tools that are available to use with."
Luis M.

A better way to network

The old way 🔴

LinkedIn messages, reddit groups, meeting attempts. Many hours waiting, lots of cold emails and slack chats...

At Deskmy Space 🟢

Connect instantly. Move your avatar by clicking around. Everyone can hear and see each other, just a click away.

Get a space, open your mic and start networking!
As simple as that 🎉

Spray your word to the world

Let everyone know what you do. Bring more visibility to your work. Make worldwide connections and enhance your knowledge by meeting with the best remote professionals. 


Grow remotely 24/7

Work alongside other digital nomads, freelancers, developers, PM’s, creatives and more. Make solid connections anytime you want. All spaces are completely free.


Build friendships and enjoy remote life together

Deskmy is a virtual coworking space designed to grow your remote career. And it’s even better when you do this together! hang out remotely, meet and build strong worldwide friendships.


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