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Currently in private beta

The internet work desk

A single place to organize all your work apps and teammates, a click-away from anywhere

Fundamentally ⚡ changing how distributed people from next-gen startups to traditional enterprises work.

the new way of work is broken

Overload of apps & meetings

what if we had... easy way to keep us focused, organized, and in control of our work?

A better way to manage work in the digital era. Plug and play.


The future of work is from anywhere, but not like this. We need to stop wasting time by using old tools in new ways and trying to replicate the physical world digitally. People are spending more time on meetings and changing apps than getting effective work done. 

So we’re fixing it. We’re building a platform that aims to increase productivity by streamlining communication and collaboration, simplifying access to people, resources, and tools, by providing a centralized location for managing and organizing work.

Think of deskmy as a horizontal collaboration app that is core to productivity workflows, working across and within each work app giving back the most important asset: productive hours. A platform that acts like a layer more attached to the doing of work and what is needed to be accomplished, than which specific app are being used.

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All work apps. All people.
One single workspace.

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