Did you know that 64% of managers who have adopted flexible working increased their productivity?

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Introduction to Hybrid Work (days 1 to 7)

Get ready to adhere to the flexible working model

Training and Adaptation (days 8 to 14)

Adequacy and training contents

Communication and Management (days 15 to 21)

Execute efficient communication and effective management

Mental Health and Well-being (days 22 to 30)

Essential tips for a healthy work

Hi, I'm Maurício 👋

I’ve been managing high performance teams for over 10 years. My mission is to help organizations unlock collaboration and teamwork to drive exponential growth.

Why now?

83% of the employees

say a hybrid working model in which they can work remotely is ideal.

Source: Accenture

67% of remote

workers feel disconnected from their colleagues.

Source: HowNow

64% of global

business leaders say flexible work has had a positive impact on productivity.

Source: Condeco

Hybrid work reduces costs and increases efficiency

A good hybrid environment provides greater employee engagement

Satisfied people = greater productivity

The hybrid model caters to any type of team and company

I have experienced all this in practice as a hybrid team manager.

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