Increase the productivity of remote CS and CX teams

A virtual office that simplifies communication and operations management. Solve issues in seconds, answer questions quickly and get better SLA results, all just a click away.

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People working with freedom and flexibility.

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Less unnecessary links (for internal meetings)

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More time for yourself! Boost your visibility and efficiency at work .

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Learn how Deskmy works.


Your avatar show when your mic and camera are opened.


You can move your avatar by clicking around the map.


In the same room, everyone can hear and see each other, just a click away.

When you want to have a quick chat or solve something, get a room, open your mic and start talking!
No more Zoom fatigue.

Deskmy connect the apps you use every day

Increase agent productivity  with seamless integrations of business tools. 

Save time. Improve SLAs. Have better customer success and productivity

Flexible as the remote, spontaneous as the office

Deskmy allows spontaneous interactions and availability control, without neglecting your privacy.

Streamline the exchange of information between managers and new employees.

Make things faster and focus on your customer experience.

Visual management, easy communication

Whether at home or in the office, the easiest way to tailor your operation in a hybrid or remote way.

Deskmy offers the productivity and flexibility for teams to collaborate as if they were in the office, even if someone isn’t in it!

See why it is worth having Deskmy

Considerando um salário médio de R$ 2.000, leva-se 7 dias para retornar o investimento.

More time to serve your customers. More time for your operation.

What our customers are saying about Deskmy.

See in their own words how Deskmy has changed the work environment.

"I manage a CX team that I've never met in person, but which has given the best results in terms of SLA, quality and engagement, compared to everything I've witnessed in my 20-year career."
Tayane Neufert
Head CX
"We can say that our company has a before and after we use Deskmy in the remote work experience. It directly interfered with the company's culture by making remote work more productive."
Rubney Belloni

Say hello to your freedom!

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