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7 Traits a Good Remote Leader Must Have

Remote and hybrid work still have some challenges, especially for remote leaders, who are responsible for implementing a healthy culture that motivates and engages everyone, in order to achieve a sense of mutual purpose. Check out the 7 essential characteristics of a good remote leader.

How important is the leader to the remote model?

Remote and hybrid leaders have the difficult mission of being connection agents among their employees. The role of leadership has moved from just being a task dealer to becoming an agent of change within the work environment.

According to an HBR survey, these are the 7 ideal characteristics of a good remote leader.


It is important that employees don’t feel alone and left out in remote work. A good remote leader should be concerned with maintaining a daily, weekly, or biweekly cadence of meetings.

These meetings can be either individual, to promote a greater connection and a better relationship between the leader and the employee, or even a group meeting, to promote a feeling of unity among the team.

This happens for a reason: the organizational culture has not adapted to this new model. With changes, new tools and new approaches have to appear.

That’s what a virtual office like deskmy provides. The best working environment for remote and hybrid teams. Within deskmy it is possible to take a completely different approach to work, smoothing communication, managing the team visually, and gathering everything in one place.

Face to face communication

Whenever possible, it is worthwhile to invest some time in person with his team. This also promotes connection and helps the mental health of employees.

Of course, in remote and hybrid teams, many people will not even be in the same city, making it impossible to meet in person. In this case, the manager should encourage the use of voice and video tools, so that everyone sees and hears each other’s voice at least periodically.

The sooner managers, employees, and teams understand this change and seek tools like deskmy to help, the better adapted they will be for the near future!

Be an example in communication

The team is the mirror of the leader. It is important that you understand well how to communicate with the team, knowing how to listen, answer, and talk.

The most successful managers are great listeners, good communicators, and convey trust and respect to the team.

Make expectations clear

Clear goals help the team stay motivated and create a sense of collective and individual progress. It’s important that the leader knows how to set short, medium, and long-term goals that can be achieved together, and that these goals are clear to everyone on the team.

In remote, no one can be in the dark about their goals and responsibilities. That way both the leader and the employees can feel the progress happening.

Be available

In remote and hybrid teams, it is common for some people to work in different countries, with different time zones. It’s up to the remote leader, through technologies, to be available to employees.

Of course, the manager should not be online 24/7, but it is important being check the team’s communication tools whenever it is possible. This helps to answer any urgent requests from the team.

Familiarity with technology

In remote work paper has been replaced by online note-taking tools, telephone has been replaced by video conferencing tools, and many other technologies are taking place.

The remote manager needs to master and become familiar with the necessary tools for smooth remote work, this includes project management software, CRM, asynchronous chat tools, videoconferencing platforms, and whatever else is necessary for the success of its operation.

Prioritize the relationship

In remote work is harder to create spontaneous interactions, there are not many conversations at coffee rooms or water cooler hangouts anymore. It is up to the leader to encourage more spontaneous and casual conversations, asking about hobbies, family, etc.

These attitudes set an example for others and also create more real relationships between the leader and the team.

Use killer tools

Lastly and most importantly, use the right tools. There are several tools on the internet for different needs. But deskmy is kind of an all-in-one. At deskmy you can have several tools integrated in one place so that the team works smoothly.

deskmy provides a virtual office where everyone can see each other, talk with the person aside with one click, and get everyday tasks done faster.

Being in a virtual office brings back the feeling of belonging and improves the team’s communication and productivity, not to mention it makes the manager’s job of promoting the team connection a lot easier.


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